We can help you with your tax return

H&R Block and Airbnb have formed a partnership which will provide discounted tax services to hosts and also provide specialist tax tips relevant to your job.

H&R Block discount pricing* is available to Airbnb hosts, who will receive 15% off the Standard Income Tax Return plus First Rental Property fee. This base price includes personal income, rental property income, and property-related deductions. Additional charges may apply for other entity structures (Company, Trust, and Partnership), Investments such as shares or our fee-from-refund service.


Discounts and special services

The Airbnb and H&R Block partnership includes discounts and specialist services for:

  • income tax return preparation
  • rental property income
  • monthly bookkeeping

How to redeem your discount

If you're an Airbnb host, simply download this coupon and present it at your H&R Block appointment.

*Discount offered at participating offices nationwide. Prices are indicative only and may vary between offices. Check with your local office for actual prices

Download Airbnb coupon