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Learn to prepare income tax returns



Take the first step towards a rewarding career as a tax consultant with H&R Block.

Our experienced instructors will take you through all you need to know including the latest tax changes, helpful tax tips and suggestions for how to maximise refunds.

By the completion of the course, you’ll have all the skills you need to successfully prepare tax returns under the supervision of a Registered Tax Agent.

The course will give you the basis for a career as a tax consultant, and allow you to prepare returns for your family and friends.

Class structure
Course topics
Course outline

Online video tutorial plus one face-to-face workshop each week

To complete the course you will need to attend one three-hour class per week, which will be led by one of our instructors. You will also need to commit to approximately 8-10 hours of additional study at home each week, including an online video tutorial offering an overview of the chapter and practice questions.

This course includes detailed training on tax preparation software (which will be made available to all students) so good computer skills are a must. Students must also have access to a computer or laptop that is equipped with Windows (or is Windows-compatible), as well as reasonable internet connectivity.

  • introduction to income, deductions and offsets
  • a comprehensive look at deductions
  • rental and motor vehicle expenses
  • depreciation
  • tax offsets
  • pensions and annuities
  • capital gains
  • residency implications for tax purposes
  • dividends, trusts and foreign income
  • business and personal services income
  • and deductions.
  • Chapter 1

    Introduction to the course and income basics
    This covers everything from assessing what counts as income to PAYG summaries, government payments and calculating taxable income rates.
  • Chapter 2

    Work related deductions
    This chapter delves into what counts as a deduction, plus typical expenses, donations, interest and dividends.
  • Chapter 3

    A look at the difference between a deduction and a tax offset, the seniors and pensioners offset and all aspects of the Medicare levy, including exemptions and surcharges.
  • Chapter 4

    Depreciating assets
    This chapter examines depreciation in all its forms and variations, as well as uniform capital allowances and low value pooling.
  • Chapter 5

    Motor vehicle and travel deductions
    A deep dive into all motor vehicle-related expenses, including all relevant travel expenses, award transport payments and other valid travel expenses.
  • Chapter 6

    Self education and tax offsets
    From HECS to HELP and self-education, this chapter looks at all of the benefits, deductions and expenses connected to self-education. This chapter also looks at a variety of tax offsets that can be claimed by some individuals.
  • Chapter 7

    Other income streams
    This chapter starts with Employment Termination Payments and moves into everything you need to know about super, including lump sum payments, bonuses and alternative income.
  • Chapter 8

    Rental properties
    A wide-ranging look at all aspects of tax relating to rental properties, including income, deductions, expenses and negative gearing.
  • Chapter 9

    Capital gains
    This chapter introduces Capital Gains Tax and then examines it in detail, covering everything from understanding assets to indexation and offsets.
  • Chapter 10

    Foreign income and trust income
    Foreign income, assets, pensions – and what to do about them under Australian tax law – are all covered in this chapter. Then a closer look at declaring trust income earned from a managed investment.
  • Chapter 11

    This chapter examines tax implications and requirements for temporary residents and non-residents, including income, Medicare, offsets and superannuation.
  • Chapter 12

    Personal services and business income
    The final chapter takes a close look at personal services income and all forms of small business income and related taxation requirements.
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Enrolment and payment options

The Income Tax Course fee of $495 covers all materials and tax preparation software. The total fee includes a $247.50 non-refundable registration fee.

Part payment is be available to students who register by Thursday January 25, 2018.

Remember the course fee is tax deductible.

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Career opportunities

Once you’ve completed the course, you’ll be set to prepare your own tax returns (or to prepare returns for your family and friends). If you’re interested in taking it a step further as a paying career, you will have the opportunity to interview for a job working with H&R Block – provided, of course, that you have good availability during July through to October, excellent people skills and achieve a mark of 80% or above.

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