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I started H&R Block's Income Tax Course with no experience and a lot of doubts as to whether I could pass the course. Not only did I pass, I have just completed my second tax season working for H&R Block. The course was very informative and the trainer was always available when help was needed.


– Brad, Maitland

I completed the income tax preparation course at H&R Block in 2012 at the Hilton office and found the course to be of a very high standard, relevant, practical and well taught. The course fees also offer great value for money given the quality of reference materials and amount of information covered.


– Nick, O’Halloran Hill Adelaide

I completed the Income Tax Course with H&R Block earlier this year.  The course provided me with the detailed knowledge to enable me to work with confidence as a Tax Consultant during the tax season.

The course instructor was very knowledgeable and professional and was able to draw on her wealth of experience during our weekly classes.  The course materials were clear and detailed and have been an invaluable resource.  The course provided me with both theory and practical application of tax laws.

I would recommend the H&R Block Income Tax Course to anyone with an interest in improving their knowledge of tax.


– Rachel Q

I found the H&R Block tax course in Braddon to be in-depth, current and practical.  The instructors were well versed on individual income tax law and its interpretive application in the real world. The course also counted toward my acceptance into a Masters of Taxation.


– Glenn, Braddon Canberra

I completed the H&R Block Income Tax Course in 2012, with non prior experience in Accounting or Taxation. I found the course to be well paced and enjoyable. The instructor had good knowledge and was able to provide clear and meaningful examples. The course allowed plenty of time to complete homework exercises and the in class discussions were excellent. Students were encouraged to ask questions and many unusual real life scenarios were discussed.

I was thrilled at the completion of my course to be offered employment as a Tax Consultant. I was initially hesitant, but I would never have believed how much fun I've had and how enjoyable a career it has turned out to be. I highly recommend the course.



– Rod C

I found the H&R Block Income Tax Course to be enjoyable and very well designed. The course sessions were well structured with plenty of time to cover the syllabus, review prior topics and answer questions. The course handbook provided an excellent resource. I have since put my learning into practice by working through the tax season. I would strongly recommend this course to everyone interested in taxation


– Pat, H&R Block Casula NSW

After many years of raising a family H&R Block gave me a painless reintroduction into the workforce. I found that the study format of the Tax Training Course was incredibly interactive, positive tutorials and feedback provided me with the ability to do well with my results. I was rewarded for my hard work by obtaining employment within this supportive organisation."


– Victoria, Coffs Harbour

I attended the H&R Block Income Tax Course in 2012 at their Berwick office in Victoria.

I was successful in passing the course and was fortunate to be offered a position working for H&R Block during the tax season just finished; a taxing (pardon the pun) but enjoyable 4 months work.

I expected the Course to be quite in-depth and it turned out to be even more detailed and comprehensive than I imagined. Pleasingly, the level of knowledge I came away with was far greater than I had initially hoped for.

Being able to achieve a high level of learning and expertise was greatly helped by the training material supplied. The Course manual was detailed and easy to follow and the regular exercises, practice and revision examples were pertinent and reinforced subject matter well. My instructor was an experienced, hands-on Tax Consultant who was knowledgeable and always available should I have questions. Of enormous help was being able to access “real” software and produce “real” tax returns; this tangible tool was invaluable in translating theory into practice.

My motivation in enrolling for the Course was simply to gain sufficient knowledge and expertise to make me employable within the industry as a Tax Preparer / Consultant. It was interesting that, amongst my fellow participants, some had been employer-sponsored by accounting firms and other professions, some were small business operators and others simply wanted the knowledge to be able to handle their own tax returns. I hadn’t realised before then what a wide target audience the Course could appeal to.

Finally, a word of advice and, indeed, caution to any person contemplating this Course: - It’s obvious to me that a great deal of effort, professionalism and time has been committed by people within H&R Block in preparing the Course and it needs a similar level of effort, time and diligence to complete it successfully. That said, I believe anyone prepared to make that commitment will certainly benefit from their efforts.


– David S

I joined the basic income tax training with the Toowong branch of H&R Block. The presenter was extremely professional and the material was practical, clear and concise. I was fortunate to be able to put my learning into practice in the recent tax season at the newly opened Brisbane CBD office. The knowledge of taxation and Recon Elite program gained during the training helped me to excel my performance in preparing tax returns and discussing tax matters with the clients. Help and guidance from the seniors and experts was always just a phone call away. I highly recommend the course to those who want to have a basic understanding of Australian Tax.


– Deepak

I enrolled initially in the H&R Income Tax Course to gain a better understanding of the yearly tax return in order to either complete my own tax or at least understand what I was paying an accountant to do. I found the course well presented with supporting reference material supplied prior to commencement to be easy to read with clear explanations of this involved topic. The course does require an effort from the participants but at the conclusion not only did I prepare my own tax, give friends some useful suggestions but also had the opportunity to be employed by H&R Block. Money well spent!


– Margaret

The H&R Block Income Tax Course provides a wonderful opportunity to train for work as a Tax Preparer.  The course covers the many aspects and laws of tax and tax returns, providing students with the knowledge and skills required to undertake the work involved.  Subjects are presented in a very thorough and informative manner, with many examples given in the texts supplied.  I wish to thank H&R Block for the opportunity that has been given to me in 2012 through its Income Tax Course.


– Patricia, Mayfield

I found H&R Block’s Income Tax Course to be a beneficial experience as it provided a friendly and open forum to receive a practical insight to the Australian taxation system and how its application affects individuals under differing circumstances. Successful completion of this course is highly regarded and has allowed me to receive gainful employment in an industry that places a higher merit on personal experience than on a qualification alone.


– James S, Perth

The tax training course was both enjoyable and informative with an excellent well experienced tutor.  The knowledge gained has been invaluable during my first season as a tax consultant and I look forward to the second year of training to further improve my skills.


– Alexander, Aspley, Brisbane

I thoroughly enjoyed the H&R Block Income Tax Course held at the Maitland office in 2012. It gave me the confidence to tackle my own tax affairs which I did with a good outcome. A bonus of the training was that I was given the opportunity to work as a Tax Consultant in the 2012 financial year. I worked at the Raymond Terrace office for 3 months during the tax season which was very self satisfying knowing that I could help do other people's tax returns with confidence. During the season the Management team and fellow staff members I worked with gave me the necessary assistance and guidance. I would recommend the training course to anyone who has an interest in tackling their own tax affairs.


– Margaret S, Maitland

H&R Block has been in the tax business for over forty years in Australia and has been serving their clients by providing a wide range of tax services for people from all walks of life. This is something most Australians know about, however what most people do not know is the tax course that they offer. I came to know about the H&R Block tax course through one of their clients. The course is designed to offer a comprehensive and in depth knowledge that assists any taxpayer to compile his own tax return. It also provides the opportunity for the interested students to acquire a job with the company on a seasonal basis. It was the latter reason that interested me to take on the course.

The course extended for a period of four months and covered topics relating to assessable income, the claims a taxpayer can make tailored to their profession. The course also covered areas of tax rebates and the array of rules that govern a person running their own business as a sole trader. There were examples and cases that assisted me in improving my understanding. The structure of the course was well written as it included weekly case studies that I had to tackle and submit which I was assessed on and given feedback the following week. This helped me in applying what I learned in a practical way. The teacher had high level of understanding of the topics dealt with, as they were tax agents who work at H&R Block with many years of experience in the field. This was particularly useful as the tutor was able to provide me with live case scenarios whenever necessary and also answer my queries based on her experiences. Moreover I was allowed to access the software that H&R Block uses to file returns thus enabling me to gain hands on experience and preparing me well in advance before starting on the job.

The course also included two assessments based on the topics covered. In order to acquire the job I was required to attain an overall 80% pass rate. I was successful in attaining this and thus acquiring a position job, in the tax season, which was on a contractual basis. The experience was very insightful as I was able to apply the knowledge gained, immediately after the course, by completing tax returns for a wide variety of clients. The work was challenging and enjoyable. The clients ranged from salary and wage earners to tradesmen and sole traders. The best part of the job was dealing with the clients on a one on one basis, which is not common in many tax agencies for a first year employee. The opportunity to deal with clients directly and serve them helped in establishing a rapport with them that made them feel special and looked after rather than them giving us the paperwork and filing their return on their behalf.

I was also mentored well by my manager with day-to-day feedback and directions in areas of difficulty. There was constant support for me from my seniors and this in turn helped me to grow in my role and serve the clients better. I was successful in filing 398 tax returns over a period of four months, which was a great experience as it helped in increasing my confidence and also improving my interpersonal skills.

Overall my experience at H&R Block has been rewarding and it has helped me to understand and learn the intricacies of dealing with majority of the tax cases. I would like to thank my tutor, my manager and my colleagues who have played a great role in shaping me in this role to provide the best returns for my clients thereby serving them better to come back for our service in the years to come.

I would definitely recommend the course to anyone who wishes to gain a good knowledge of the Australian tax system or even to anyone who is looking for a casual job who loves dealing with people and figures.


– Nisha, Chadstone