Income Tax Course graduates

Meet our graduates

Meet our graduates below who share their experiences completing the Income Tax Course and where the course has taken their career.

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Joe Abouzaid, H&R Block's Field Operations ManagerI studied the H&R Block Income Tax Course when I was 19 years old and I've worked for H&R Block ever since. It's difficult to find a job in the accounting industry without experience, but the H&R Block tax course provided me with the opportunity to gain valuable experience in the accounting field.

At the end of my contract I was contacted by the District Manager and offered a year round role, if I was willing to travel to various offices and fill in for Office Managers on leave. I accepted and the rest is history. In my second season with H&R Block, I became a Tax Instructor and Office Manager, before becoming an Assistant District Manager helping with the operations in 35+ offices, and then a Registered Tax Agent.

Eventually, I moved to my current role as the Field Operations Manager. H&R Block has been really good to me, providing me with a lot of support and development opportunities. I am now about to complete my 18th tax season with the company.


– Joe Abouzaid, Field Operations Manager, H&R Block

I found the beginners course flowed really well and loved the fact that they incorporated the Elite Program into it. Last year was manual with a bit of theory and practical as well. The part with the worksheets for the tax return was particularly useful.

I learned a lot in the course and found it made for an easy transition into the elite course.

– Vannak, H&R Block Tax Accountant, Melbourne

The lecturers were really good and really helpful. They really knew their stuff and helped us understand the concepts better by using clear and concise examples. Overall I found it a great experience. I'd recommend the course to people from all walks of life who are looking to up skill.


– Leonie Jansen, H&R Block Tax Accountant, Chirnside

Melissa Rolevink, H&R Block first year tax consultantAs a mother of four I wanted to get back into the workforce with the flexibility to work around my family life. I not only enrolled into the H&R Block Income Tax Course for the possible employment opportunity, but to assist me with my own personal tax, which includes an investment property.

The course lecturer was very knowledgeable and helpful, which made the course very enjoyable. Yes, there is homework needing to be done every week and a exam at the end of the course, which was a bit daunting at the start, but its all worthwhile and puts what you learn in class into actual practice. I gained a lot of additional knowledge not only in relation to deductions for my investment property, but also basic general deductions that some of us are unaware of. In my first year at H&R Block, surprisingly, it has been a lot more than preparing tax returns. I have met so many different people, enjoyed the chats and laughs. Seeing clients walk out smiling and most importantly the clients telling me that they will see me next year. That's what makes it worthwhile!



– Melissa Rolevink, H&R Block 2016 graduate

For many years I have always wanted to do something with numbers, I enrolled in many courses and due to family commitments it was always pushed back or never completed.  Someone suggested for me to register to do the H&R block course,  With the course been only one day week it suited me as a mother of two,  so decided that this might be the way for me to finally achieve my goal.

When I started the course it proved to me that I had not forgotten the previous information I had learnt so many years ago, but it also cemented my knowledge. I was able ask questions and get it explanation that a book could never give. I found my lecturer approachable and no question was too stupid.  My lecturer became my mentor, she was encouraging and supportive to me and helped me reach my goal.

– Olivia Reynolds, H&R Block Tax Consultant, Perth