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What you will learn in this course

Module covers what is included as assessable income to Payment Summaries, government payments, residency and calculating taxable income rates.

Module delves into what is allowable and not allowable as a tax deduction. We look into common expenses and donations and also occupation specific allowable deductions.

Interest and dividend income and expenses are also examined. 

Learn the difference between a deduction and a tax offset, the seniors and pensioners tax offset and all aspects of the Medicare levy, including exemptions and surcharges. Also covers Offsets and Medicare implications for non-residents.

Learn the how to depreciate assets purchased for $300 or more as well as uniform capital allowances and Low Value Pooling.

Deep dive into how to claim and maximise work related motor vehicle related expenses. Module also includes other travel expenses and award transport payments.

From HECS to HELP and self education, this module looks at the benefits, deductions and expenses connected with Self education claims

Module covers Employment Termination Payment and various superannuation payments including lump sum payments, bonuses and alternative income sources.

A wide-ranging look at all aspects of tax relating to rental/investments properties, including ownership, income, deductions, expenses and negative gearing.

In this module introduces the implications of assets sold when they are deemed as a Capital Gain event and the methods available to taxpayers to minimise their taxable income.

Covered in this module are Foreign Income, assets, pensions and the implications under Australian tax requirements. Also take a closer look at declaring trust income earned from managed funds.

The final module is a closer look at Personal Services Income and an introduction to Small Business Tax requirements.