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Benefits of Taking Tax Preparation Course

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There's no doubt that the outbreak of COVID-19 around the world has been bad news for the employment market. There have been huge job losses and pay cuts in both Australia and overseas, and many customer-facing roles have been compromised due to the health risks of face-to-face contact.

But one career that has remained consistently stable, not to mention safe, is tax accountancy. With accesses to remote and online platforms for client consultations this is one career that has remained unaffected by the COVID-19 outbreak.  

Despite the global changes that have taken place, one thing remains true: people still need expert help filing their taxes. In fact, many Australians need help more than ever before as they face unprecedented changes to their tax status and need to consider new types of deductions in their annual return.  

So if you're good with numbers and like working with people, there's never been a better time to consider training as a tax consultant by doing the H&R Block Income Tax Course.

What's involved in being a tax consultant?  

A tax consultant focuses on the preparation and lodging of tax returns, and knows all the best ways to legitimately help their clients get the best possible return at tax time.  

To be a successful tax consultant you need to be really good with numbers and have a great eye for detail. It also involves working with people who are sometimes quite stressed and disorganised at tax time, so it helps if you have a friendly and calm disposition and an organised approach to your work.  

Why should I do the H&R Block Income Tax Course?  

Easy! This is the best, most comprehensive way to get the start you need to become a tax consultant, created by Australia's biggest and most trusted tax accountancy service provider.  

The course will give you a detailed overview and knowledge of the Australian taxation system, and will cover topics including;  

  • Understanding all Income Sources including Dividends, Trusts and Foreign income
  • Comprehensive look at deductions including depreciation and motor vehicle expenses
  • Rental income and deductions  
  • Tax Offsets
  • Pensions and Annuities
  • Capital Gains
  • Residency implications for tax purposes
  • Business and Personal Service Income & deductions  

Choose how you study

In 2021, you can choose how you study as for the first time ever H&R Block are offering a selection of course options.

Our Instructor Led courses are perfect for people looking for a new career or looking to return to the workforce and want to learn a new rewarding skill. Our Instructor Led workshops are run weekly and you can choose if you would prefer attending weekly in a classroom environment or weekly online. ach year H&R Block offers successful students from the Instructor Led Classes to apply for work with H&R Block.

We are also offering a Self Paced learning option where you can elect to complete the course online without attending weekly workshops.

How will I choose which option is best for me?

Instructor Led Workshops ONLINE are great for people who live in regional locations where travel distance can be an added issue and also those people who want to attend but need to juggle their work-family-life balance. Plus, you'll save on travel expenses, as doing the course online means you don't have to waste extra time and money travelling to a training venue.

Our self paced learning course is perfect for professionals already working in the industry who want to keep their knowledge current and can study without instructor support. This option also great for people who are just interested in learning how to manage their own tax affairs and are not looking to start a new career.  

Regardless of which option you choose, all the materials are available online so you can complete your core study at any time that suits you throughout the day or night – so you can fit it in around your existing commitments!  

Here's what our previous student have to say about the H&R Block income tax course.


"As my children enter their school age, I decided to take H&R Block Tax Course to brush up my accounting skill as a friend recommendation. I have found the course informative, interesting, and well structured. It provides a balance between legal concepts and practical workshops. The course instructors are knowledgeable, switched-on, yet patient.  

What most interesting is the fact the course material available in electronic format, with pre-recorded videos and Inklings eBooks. It is highly convenient and logistically well thought-out. I was able to catch up my learnings, and look-up information in various settings outside my set hours. When the Covid-19 pandemic struck, I was able to pivot to fully online learning easily and swiftly via additional web conference.

After the course, I was offered to join H&R Block, which provides a flexible working schedule.    As a junior staff, I received a lot of support from my office manager to ensure and maximise the clients entitlements, and that makes a lot people happy."  Anna Nguyen  (Pakenham Office)

SO what are you waiting for..  

You'll also have the chance to learn from the best! The course also comes with the total peace of mind of knowing you're training with a trusted brand in the tax industry – and the instructors at H&R Block's Income Tax Course are highly competent and experienced, with years of experience training future tax consultants.  

And this could be just the start! The H&R Block Income Tax Course might be a stepping stone to another career for you as a full-service accountant. The options and opportunities are endless, you just need to take the first step.

To find out more about the H&R Block Income Tax Course, please contact us now on 13 23 25.





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