Self-lodging? Wait until August says the ATO. A week into the current tax season, users of myTax, the ATO’s online system for lodging tax returns, are continuing to experience difficulties in lodging.

Social media has highlighted the experiences of many myTax users, who have found the system slow and prone to crashing. Many taxpayers have found it impossible to lodge their return using the system and have been vocal in their criticisms of the ATO, as have many IT experts and tax industry professionals.

Whilst the ATO insists that they are working to fix the problems and that things have already improved since the problems first emerged last week, they delivered some blunt advice to potential users yesterday: “If it’s not urgent for you to lodge now, we suggest that you wait until August when there will be more pre-fill data available to enhance your experience, making it easier and quicker”, the ATO said in a statement.

H&R Block is entirely unaffected by the technical glitches currently affecting myTax. If you have all the information to hand to complete your return, you can visit any of H&R Block’s 470 offices and get your return completed on the spot at any time. You certainly don’t need to wait until August.

Call 13 23 25 or find your nearest office or alternatively consider our own DIY Online service, which is also unaffected by the ATO’s technical issues.