If you’re registered with a tax agent, chances are you’re eligible for an extended deadline from the ATO to lodge your tax return. But don’t put it off for too long because those extended deadlines are getting ever closer!

  • If you are an individual and your last tax return showed a tax liability of $20,000 or more, you must lodge by 31 March 2016.
  • All other individuals who are registered with a tax agent must lodge their returns by 15 May 2016.
  • Most small companies (ie, those with a turnover of less than $2m) must lodge their tax return by 28 February 2016.

So, the clock is ticking. Pick up your books and records and head down to H&R Block in good time to meet the deadline.

If you are not registered with a tax agent, you should have lodged by 31 October 2015 but if you missed that deadline, don’t worry. Talk to H&R Block to find out how we can get you up-to-date.