Take the burden out of tax time with the H&R Block Advantage

Take the burden out of tax time with the H&R Block Advantage

The H&R Block advantage

As Australia's leading income tax services company, we're well aware that most people regard taxes as a burden. That's why we've created the H&R Block Advantage. It's our way of ensuring that your tax experience is the best it can be.

Take the H&R Block Advantage, and we'll change the way you feel about tax time. Trust us with your tax returns and other tax needs, and you'll get the advice, expertise and attention you deserve.

Upfront guaranteed pricing

Before preparing your return, we'll tell you how much it's going to cost.

Service from a tax professional

We'll make sure you get all the rebates and deductions you're entitled to.

Satisfaction guarantee

If you are not completely satisfied with your individual tax return preparation or the service received, you can simply request H&R Block not to proceed with lodging your tax return and you are not obligated to pay for our service.

Maximum refund guarantee

If you discover an H&R Block error on your return that entitles you to a larger refund (or smaller tax liability), we'll refund the tax preparation fee for that return and file an amendment with the ATO, at no additional charge, for up to 2 years after the original notice of assessment.

Year-round support

We'll help you with timely tax-saving tips, late filings, amendments to your returns and more.

ATO inquiry assistance

We'll respond to any government inquiries or requests on your behalf, but not as your legal representatives.

Stop in today and see what the H&R Block Advantage can do for you - and your tax return. Let us take the burden out of tax for you.

We stand behind our work

At H&R Block, we believe that all of our clients are entitled to the highest level of service. Our Tax Consultants undergo the most rigorous training program in the business, so they know how to maximise each and every one of the returns they prepare. In other words, we ensure that you will benefit from every deduction and rebate available to you.

We take responsibility for our mistakes

Our Tax Consultant training and quality assurance safeguards are carefully designed to ensure the accuracy of your return. Mistakes are rare at H&R Block. However, if we do make an error in the preparation of your tax return that costs you any interest on additional taxes due, we will reimburse you for the interest.

We provide audit assistance

Our service doesn't end with the preparation of your income tax return. As an H&R Block client, should you be audited on work we have done, we'll help you respond to all ATO enquiries and accompany you to audits to explain how your return was prepared - at no extra cost to you. Although we cannot act as your legal representative, we will respond to the ATO's requests for documents if your return was electronically prepared and send you a copy for your records. We can also prepare a Notice of Objection for you if the ATO incorrectly reassesses your return. Fees may be charged for additional research, analysis, preparing appeals or private rulings.

At H&R Block, your satisfaction is our guarantee.