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H&R Block Tax Academy

Welcome to H&R Block’s hub for tax tips and advice

Why Working in Tax is More Than You Think

Flexible hours, rewarding work, great pay: Why working in tax is more than yo...
10 min read

Guide to Australian Tax on Sharing Economy

Our research shows around 50% of Australians aren’t aware that sharing econ...
12 min read

New Study Tells Us What We Already Know: Doing Your Taxes is a Chore

Would you rather endure a number of highly tedious activities than work on yo...
3 min read

COVID-19 Updates

COVID19 Stage 3 Restrictions in Metropolitan Melbourne

ATTENTION: Melbourne H&R Block Clients impacted by the COVID19 step 3 cha...
3 min read

JobKeeper Tax: Do I Pay Tax on JobKeeper Payments?

JobKeeper is an initiative to help businesses affected by the Coronavirus. Ge...
5 min read

Insight – Coronavirus Update

At H&R Block, we are keeping our clients updated with the significant imp...
13 min read

Is My Business Eligible for Cash Flow Boost?

The Australian government has initiated temporary cash flow boosts to help sm...
4 min read

Individual Tax

Using Phone for Work: What Can I Claim for Tax?

If you are using your mobile phone for work-related communications, you may c...
5 min read

Guide to Taxes on Super Withdrawals on Retirement

For individuals eligible to access their superannuation funds, get to know mo...
4 min read

Over 60's Tax Check Up

H&R Block's Tax Check Up For Over 60's service provides assistance for ou...
1 min read

Top 5 In-demand Skills You Should Start Learning

Here are the top skills you should consider learning as part of your new year...
5 min read

News and tax advice for individuals and businesses

Stay up to date with the latest news and headlines within the Tax industry. We’ll translate government updates on policies into easily understood articles.

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