Time-saving tax return with DIY online

Maximise your refund and lodge online in your own time. Tick your taxes off your to-do list in under 10 minutes. Our accurate preparation and maximum refunds are all securely collected and stored. 

Our online tax return portal is easy and intuitive for all types of tax returns. We help you get clarity with tax tips and assistance as we guide you through your return. In as little as 10 minutes, do your tax with ease and accuracy.

With no software to download, use whatever device you like to click and lodge your return.

Take charge of tax in 3 easy steps

Step 1: enter your details

To make sure you maximise your refund, we prompt you through the process with tax tips and advice. Simply enter your details into our safe online tax portal using a secured 128-bit encrypted SSL link.

If you need it, take us up on our tax advice service – for just $30 (tax deductible), you can speak to an accountant for 15 minutes. We’ll help you find all your deductions.

Step 2: we check your return

Our service is both easy and accurate. Before we send your return to the ATO, every return is checked by one of our expert accountants. 

Step 3: receive your refund

Receive your tax refund fast, typically in just 1-2 weeks. You can also pay your tax preparation fee using our fee from refund service, putting you only $25 out of pocket. Remember – your tax preparation fees are tax deductible.

DIY packages start from $19.95 – lodge here 

DIY tax in under 10 minutes

With no upfront payment, our DIY online tax return suits every lifestyle and budget. A risk-free return offers convenient, quick, correct tax returns that can be prepared in as little as 10 minutes.

DIY online returns for:

Express package - wages and simple deductions $19.95

  • ideal for wages and simple deductions
  • income from salary and wages, interest, dividends, and Government payments up to $25,000
  • deductions up to $300 and all tax offsets

Standard package - multiple incomes and deductions $34.95

  • ideal for multiple incomes and deductions
  • up to 3 types of income (except capital gains, rental, and business)
  • deductions up to $300 and all tax offsets

Deluxe package - shares or complex deductions $49.95

  • ideal for shares or complex deductions
  • up to 5 types of income (except rental and business)
  • deductions greater than $300 and all tax offsets

Premier package - investment property owners $64.95

  • ideal for Investment property owners
  • all types of income, including rental (except business)
  • deductions greater than $300 and all tax offsets

Business package - sole traders $84.95

  • ideal for sole traders
  • ABN income
  • all deductions and tax offsets

We’ll guide you through your return with easy to understand how-tos. We’ll also save you from stressful software and nasty surprises.