Income Tax Course - Terms & Conditions

By acknowledging that you have read and accepted the terms and conditions online prior to completing your registration, you are agreeing to the following in relation to the H&R Block Income Tax Course.

Students are to refer to the COURSE TYPE they have registered into as the Terms and Conditions for the Self-paced learning and Instructor Led Courses are different.

Transferring between Course Options

Once a student registers into one of the course formats, they cannot be transferred into any other course once the course commences. Students registered in the SPL course can request in writing a transfer to the Instructor Led Courses only BEFORE February 13 2021 and must also pay the difference of the fee.

Course Fees and Inclusions - All Course Options

  • Materials and access to the H&R Block online Learning Management System will not be issued until the full fee has been received.
  • The total fee includes a NON REFUNDABLE Registration fee of $100. Please refer to our Income Tax Course refund policy at the end of this page for more information.
  • Fee payments accepted through our secure payment system on the H&R Block website. Payment Options: VISA, MASTERCARD or AMEX. Payments by cash or cheque cannot be accepted.
  • Registration to the Income Tax Course is not transferable to any other person.

Apple Mac Users - All Course Options

IMPORTANT: The tax software provided as part of this course is Windows based and NOT available to be downloaded onto Apple devices. H&R Block cannot assist or offer technical support for Apple users and by agreeing to these Terms and Conditions on registration you are accepting this a condition of the course.

Access to all other online training can be accessed on any operating platform including Apple.

Instructor Led Course Option Students

Students who register in either the Instructor Led IN-CLASS or ONLINE course agree that they will be attending weekly instructor led workshops each week as per the course outline.

Students who fail to meet the attendance requirements will be deemed to have withdrawn after 2 consecutive weeks if no contact is made with the training co-ordinating team advising of reason of absence.

Instructor Led IN-CLASS Course students only - COVID19 awareness

While H&R Block will provide a venue that meets all social distancing and sanitising requirements, in the event that any in-class group becomes an identified COVID hotspot, registered students agree and accept that until the location is cleared, weekly instructor led workshop will pivot for that period only, to an ONLINE delivery.

Both Students and Instructors at any In-class groups agree that they will observe the current COVID saftey requirements and will adhere to any requirements for isolation if exhibiting any symptoms.

Both Students and Instructors agree to be transparent if they are experiencing any symptoms and not attend until they have been cleared.

Our Instructors will have the authority to request any student exhibiting symptoms leave the class.

Income Tax Course Refund Policy Instructor Led Courses

The $525 total course fee paid includes:

  • A NON REFUNDABLE Registration fee of $100.
  • Course Tuition fee of $425

Only the Course tuition fee component is available for any refund.

PERIOD​  Portion of COURSE FEE - Refundable​
Before first scheduled workshop​ - $300 first instalment only paid $200
Before first scheduled workshop​ - $525 paid in full $425​
After first scheduled workshop but before third scheduled workshop​ $300​
After third scheduled workshop​ NO REFUND ENTITLEMENT 

On payment of any refundable portion, students will be deactivated from both the LMS & INKLING

WITHDRAWN STUDENTS offered deferments will also be deactivated from the LMS & INKLING​

Student registration cannot be transferred to a second party

Where registration accepted as part of a H&R Block associate program or special discounted promotion, a refund of $200 is available is to students who withdraw prior to the first scheduled workshop. Post the first scheduled workshop date, no refund applies.

In the event that a student’s original registered class selection is cancelled by H&R Block prior to the training course commencing and a substitute workshop location alternative is not available, we agree to refund the full fee including the registration fee component.

Withdrawing From Instructor Led Courses

Students withdrawing from the Instructor Led Courses must notify via email sent to the Tax Training co-ordinator. The date and time of the sent email will be used as the notice of intention when applying any refund available.

IMPORTANT: Regardless of whether or not a student attends or does not attend the scheduled workshops as per registration, the above apportionment of refund available will be adhered to.

Income Tax Course Refund Policy - Self Paced Learning Course

The total fee paid includes:

A NON REFUNDABLE Registration fee of $100.

Course access fee of $299

Only the Course tuition fee component is available for any refund.

PERIOD​  Portion of COURSE FEE - Refundable​
Prior to setting up access to online materials $299
Once access has been established NO REFUND ENTITLEMENT

  • On payment of any refundable portion, students will be deactivated from both the LMS & INKLING
  • Student registration cannot be transferred to a second party

Withdrawing From the Self Paced Learning Course

Students withdrawing from the SPL course must notify via email sent to the Tax Training Co-ordinator. The date and time of the sent email will be used as the notice of intention when applying any refund available.

Deferment Options - All Course Options

H&R Block cannot guarantee the Income Tax Course will be offered in all locations or in its current format in subsequent years and as such, no deferment options are available.

Access to Online Platforms and Resources - All Course Options

Students who withdraw from the course and are entitled to, and receive any portion of their fee according to the refund policy, will have their access to the online materials deactivated.

Students who withdraw from the course and are not entitled to, or receive any portion of their fee refunded, will continue to have access to the LMS until June 30 2021 and INKLING until June 30 2021.

Employment Opportunities With H&R Block - only available to students registered in Instructor Led Course Options

  • H&R Block does recruit students each year to work as new tax consultants from the Income Tax Training course.
  • Positions are subject to availability but with over 450 offices across the country, there are many positions on offer.
  • Positions available for Tax Season 2021 will not be determined until a later date.
  • As a result of the current ongoing pandemic, H&R Block provides a COVID safe work environment for our associates servicing clients both in-office and remotely.
  • In addition to successfully completing the course, we are looking for people that have good availability during July to October, exhibit excellent people skills and achieve an overall mark of 80% or higher.
  • All interested students will have the opportunity to apply and be invited to attend an interview if they meet our criteria.
  • The application opening dates and process for these positions will be shared mid way through the course and only be notified to current students who are completing course.
  • Registration or participation in the course is not to be deemed an offer of employment.

Refer A Friend $100 Gift Card Offer - Instructor Led Courses Only

Offer only available to Students who register in either the Instructor Led In-class or Instructor Led Online courses.

Students registering for the Self-paced Learning Course are not eligible for this offer.

  • A $100 gift card will be issued to the Referring Student.
  • The Referring Student must submit their friend's details through the online referral option to qualify.
  • The Referred Student must register through the referral link they receive via email sent by H&R Block to qualify.
  • No other referred methods will be recognised.
  • Course fees for both students must be paid in full and both students must have completed three online modules and attended the first three workshops.
  • The gift card will be issued electronically and sent via email to the same email address as used when referring student registered.
  • The referrer must also be a student attending the course at any location in Australia.
  • Gift cards will not be paid to third parties, are not transferable and cannot be paid in cash or via any other method than described above.
  • Referring Students can qualify for unlimited $100 gift cards for referring qualifying students
  • In the event that multiple referrers refer the same friend, the gift card will be paid the referrer who registered first.
  • There is a limit of one gift card per Referred Student.
  • The $100 gift card refer a friend offer expires 24 February 2021.

SPECIAL $300 Fee Offer in Participating Locations

Additional Terms and Conditions apply to any students who registered during the $300 Fee offer promotion run during the period between February 4 & February 12 2021.

  • $300 fixed fee for our 2021 Income Tax Course is only available at participating class locations as on our website.
  • Once registered, students can not request a transfer to any other class for the duration of the course.
  • This offer is non-transferable and no refund will be provided if you choose to withdraw your registration.
  • Students who have previously registered in participating locations are not eligible for the special offer.
  • Offer opens on 04/02/2021 and closes on 12/02/2021. No extensions will be available.
  • Fixed Fee must be redeemed by 12/02/2021.
  • H&R Block reserves the right to remove this offer at any time.
  • Students registering under this promotion are still eligible for the Bring a Friend Offer.