Internet and Email Policy

All our office computers are connected to the internet and this facility is for H&R Block business use only and for the express use of employees of the company only. For security and privacy reasons, it must be emphasised that NO CLIENT is to be given access to the internet for any purpose. This includes accessing information that may be relevant to their tax return (e.g. checking bank interest).


The purpose of this document is to establish corporate policy for the use of the H&R Block supplied internet access and email accounts.

Email Accounts

From time to time staff may be supplied with an H&R Block email account, these accounts are a company owned resource intended for business use not personal use. Users of company email accounts must not assume any level of privacy regarding the information transmitted though the H&R Block email system.

H&R Block email accounts contain the H&R Block domain name ( which identifies them to recipients as an H&R Block account. Users must not misrepresent H&R Block by conveying, via these accounts, any opinion that could be interpreted as that of H&R Block.

No H&R Block business is to be conducted on email accounts other than H&R Block email accounts.

All emails are to have a disclaimer at the foot of each message.

Internet usage

Internet access shall be used solely as a business tool to enhance productivity for purposes such as the following

As directed for company research.

Business related email communications.

Business related file transfer.

Inappropriate Use of Email and Internet

Inappropriate uses are those which violate the rights of privacy of others; violate copyright laws; spread computers viruses, Trojans or other malicious software; deliberately attempt to degrade or disrupt systems performance; locate, transmit, receive, store or print files or messages that are profane, obscene or that use language that is offensive or degrading to others. Inappropriate use also includes but is not limited to:

Distribution of unsolicited advertising, junk mail or chain letters.

Operating personal business through corporate internet link.

Sending or receiving sexually oriented messages or images.

Viewing or displaying sexually oriented messages or images.

Surfing or browsing inappropriate web sites.

Posting items on the internet that do not reflect the policies of H&R Block.

Transmission of any type or quantity which may cause disruption of services to others.

Propagations of computer worms, viruses or other potentially malicious code.

Unauthorised entry to other computer or network resources.

Unauthorised transmission and/or transfer of H&R Block data, including client data.

Downloading and or storing of copyright material to which you do not have legal rights.

Etiquette in dealing with emails

Do not type in Capitals- it is considered shouting.

Do not use SMS language.

Assumption of Privacy

Monitoring and or retrieval of electronic communications including internet and email information is sometimes necessary for management and technical personnel to support efficient operation of the workplace; therefore email messages and internet usage must not be considered private and/or confidential. Examples of these include but are not limited to:

To find lost messages

Assisting staff with their consent in performance of their duties when they are out of the office

To study the effectiveness of the email / internet systems.

Complying with an investigation into suspected criminal acts.

Recovery from system failure or other emergencies.

Ensure compliance with appropriate use policy.

Investigate inappropriate use.


H&R Block has the right but not the duty to monitor all aspect of the H&R Block computer environment including email and internet usage to ensure compliance with corporate policy.

Disciplinary Action

Staff members who do not comply with the terms set out in this policy will be subject to disciplinary action. The disciplinary action taken will be at the discretion of senior management; however the default action will be dismissal.

Staff Sign Off

All staff must acknowledge that they have read and understand this policy and that by using H&R Block internet and email systems they are bound by the conditions of this policy.