Your Tax, Your way

There’s a reason we process thousands of returns every year. Our services are always accessible, whether you opt for Online DIY or Online Tax Pro.

Secure online platforms

Your information is safe and secure on our platforms with 128-bit SSL encryption technology.

Tax deductible and Fee From Refund

No out of pocket expenses - we deduct our fees from your tax refund.
* Fee From Refund service is an additional $20 on top of your tax from refund

Online DIY

The fast and easy online option for all types of returns

Early Bird Special $9.50 See all packages
  • For anyone who wants the convenience of completing a do it yourself tax return online anytime, anywhere with peace of mind that the return will be reviewed by one of our tax professionals
  • Who have single or multiple incomes and deductions
  • Investment property owners
  • Shares and complex deductions
  • Sole Traders
  • Optional telephone consultation with our Online Tax Professional to maximise your refund
  • A Tax Professional will review your return for peace of mind
  • Trusted by Australians every year
  • Need Advice? You can speak to a Tax Professional online
  • Lodge all your information online, available 24/7
  • Easy step by step process with helpful information
  1. Create an Account online
  2. Enter your details
  3. A Tax Professional reviews your return
  4. We lodge your return for processing with the ATO
  5. Receive your refund within 2 weeks

Online Tax Pro

A Tax Professional will prepare your tax return online

From $99 See all packages
  • For anyone who wants the convenience of completing their tax return online, with the assistance of an Online Tax Professional
  • Extensive deductions and when advice required
  • When you’re overseas or not close to an H&R Block office
  • We provide the same quality and service you would receive in-store without leaving the comfort of your own home all online
  • Convenience, Accuracy and Flexibility online
  • You’ll get assigned a dedicated Tax Professional to lodge your return
  • Fee From Refund - don’t pay anything upfront. We deduct our fees from your refund from the ATO automatically.
  • Ask as many questions and get all your answers online
  1. Create an Account online
  2. Enter your details
  3. Upload all your information online through our secure portal
  4. Your dedicated Tax Professional will review and prepare your returns
  5. Communicate via the online platform
  6. We lodge your return and you receive your refund within 2 weeks