If you didn't use a tax accountant or you disagree with your tax assessment, bring in a print-out of your current and/or past years' tax return(s) for a free Second Look®. We will review your tax return and check you received the maximum tax refund. If we find any deductions, offsets or benefits that you are entitled to, we can lodge a tax return amendment and get you the extra money.

What's in it for you?

  • a professional review of your tax return
  • advice on what to do next if any variances are found
  • H&R Block Guarantee coverage for penalties and interest repayment and audit assistance. If your original return is not correct H&R Block will file an amendment tax return for you.

At H&R Block nothing is too complicated. We can assist you, no matter who lodged your tax return.

Fees apply for corrected or amended returns, however these fees are tax deductible.

Find your local H&R Block office and book an appointment online today.

Please note: not all services are available at every H&R Block office. Should you have any difficulty locating an office, please 13 23 25.