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Running a busy medical or health service practice can be demanding on your practice staff. However we often see Receptionists tasked with bookkeeping, in addition to managing client communications and facilitating person-to-person contact when clients arrive and depart. Bookkeeping is a specialist skill that requires the attention of a professional.

Running Xero to look after your payroll, accounts payable, receivables and accounting works well. Having a H&R Block Bookkeeper on your team to ensure your accounting is kept up to date is a great way to stay on top of your numbers.

At H&R Block we are able to provide you with accurate:

  • Financial reporting on request

  • Clear insight in to your business performance

  • Benchmark reporting for your industry

  • Budgeting & cash flow support

Your dedicated Bookkeeper will liaise with you and/or your nominated staff to ensure your Bookkeeping is current, with payments prepared and processed to schedule. We would be an integral part of your team, and provide you with reliable services that you can depend on.

Depending on the type of practice you are operating you may need to adopt an Add On that will integrate with Xero to manage your inventory, staff scheduling or industry specific requirements. At H&R Block Bookkeeping we are able to facilitate the implementation of your preferred software and ensure best practice is employed when it comes to managing your bookkeeping.

We understand that in many Medical practices there is a requirement to produce Recipient Created Tax Invoices (RCTI) that are generated from a calculation on revenue generated by each associated medical officer or health service consultant. We are specialists in this area and can seamlessly introduce processes to ensure all payables are managed efficiently.


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