Fee From Refund: How Does It Work?

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At tax time, we all need things to be as simple and stress-free as possible. This is why so many Australians come to H&R Block to get their returns done quickly, easily and with the largest possible refund. Our tax consultants know the best ways to legitimately minimise the tax you have to pay each year.

To make the deal even sweeter, when you do your tax return through H&R Block you’re eligible for our Fee From Refund service – making the whole process even easier!

What is the H&R Block Fee From Refund service?

When you use an accountant to process your tax return, the fee you pay your accountant is tax deductible when you do your return the following year. To make things even easier for you, and to eliminate the need for you to make a payment to H&R Block, we’ll actually take the fee for doing your return out of your refund when it comes back from the ATO before forwarding it on to you.

This service is available to all H&R Block customers, whether you’re completing your tax return in office or online with one of our experienced tax consultants, or choosing to do an Online Tax Express Return. It’s all covered.

Why should I do Fee From Refund?

One of the best things about Fee From Refund is that it’s tax deductible!

It also means that:

  •  It’s tax deductible – you can claim this for next year’s tax return
  •  You don’t pay us – we’ll take the fee out of your refund once ATO processes your tax return
  •  You get the highest possible refund – our expert consultants are the best in the industry.

What if I don't get a refund?

In some cases, you might actually end up owing money to the ATO and will receive a bill once your tax return has been processed, rather than a refund. That’s ok! When we receive notification from the tax office that you will be receiving either no refund or a bill for tax owing, we’ll get in touch and let you know. Then we’ll work together with you and the ATO to help you figure out a satisfactory payment plan, and you’ll be able to settle the fee with H&R Block for your tax return through a standard payment.

Still have some questions about H&R Block’s Fee From Refund service, and how it will help you when you do your next tax return?

Talk to H&R Block. Our experienced tax consultants will be able to help. Call 13 23 25 for details or find your nearest office and book an appointment online.


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