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US Citizens Tax

Are you a US citizen living in Australia?
US Citizens Tax

If you are a U.S. citizen living in Australia, you must file two returns each year

  • You must file an Australian return because you live here.
  • You must file a U.S. return because you are a U.S. citizen. As an American citizen, you must file U.S. Form 1040 every year, reporting your worldwide income
This doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll have to pay taxes to both countries. There are several mechanisms available that may prevent you from being double taxed. At H&R Block, we understand the tax complexities of U.S. citizens living abroad.

We have 3 ways to file your US Expat returns

1. Contact our U.S. team in Australia

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ONLINE with an expert

2. Lodge your US tax return online with an expert

2. Lodge your US tax return online with an expert

  1. You register on our expat portal

  2. We assign your advisor & verify the price

  3. We prepare your return remotely

  4. You pay for and review your tax return

  5. We file your expat taxes with the IRS

3. Use our Do-It-Yourself software

3. Use our Do-It-Yourself software

Our software designed specifically for expats will guide you through the online tax interview. Once you pay for and review your return, we’ll file it for you with the IRS. Starting at $99 USD.