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Ecommerce & Web-stores

Are you running a Web store selling goods or services on the internet?

At H&R Block Bookkeeping we are Web store savvy. We understand that you need to configure a digital environment that supports your operations from storefront through to sales and then on to dispatch and delivery.

We also understand that it is critical that what goes on within your Web store or ecommerce business integrates with your accounting system for compliance and visibility.

Depending on your type of online business you may need to manage inventory, back ordering and reordering in a system that is responsive to your Web store, Inventory, Distribution & Accounting package. In our experience, many business owners have commenced trading before they have considered how their digital environment has been structured and are often on the back foot when it comes to managing inventory and financial reporting from the systems they have implemented.

We recommend a health check for any Web storeowners prior to commencing with a H&R Block Bookkeeping package so we can ensure that the digital environment is aligned with the operational requirements of your business.

With entry-level pricing from just $469 per month we are extremely cost effective. 

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