Franchise Groups & Co-Operatives

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Our team of qualified bookkeepers have extensive experience working with Franchise Groups. Whether you are a Quick Service Restaurant Franchise, a Real Estate Franchise, a Retail Franchise, a Trades Franchise, Services Franchise or Consulting Franchise we are here to support your Group with expert bookkeeping solutions.

Providing Franchise opportunities to new business owners is what you do, providing Bookkeeping services to new business owners is what we have mastered.

We understand that when people are new to business it can be daunting to expect to understand all of the rules and regulations that enforce compliance. It is extremely important to build the best foundation and set off in the right direction. By engaging H&R Block Bookkeeping at the outset, you can be confident that the administration, payroll and accounting services provided to your Franchisees are second to none.

H&R Block Bookkeeping would be happy to provide Franchisees with the confidence they need to trust that their Bookkeeping is being performed by experts allowing them to focus on income producing activity in their new business venture.

At H&R Block we can assist Franchise and Co-opertive groups with:

  • Implementation of Xero Accounting Software, with a standardised Charts of Accounts & reporting across the group

  • Access to Software Add-Ons (such as documentation management, inventory, payroll, scheduling, point of sale)

  • Accounts Payable - preparing regular supplier payments

  • Accounts Receivable – preparing sales invoices & follow up on collections

  • Consolidated financial reporting for individuals & groups (across multi-sites)

  • Benchmarking – providing benchmark reporting between group members & industry-norms

  • Compliance – such as IAS, BAS, Workers Compensation, Tax Returns

  • Financial reporting on request

  • Clear insight in to your business performance

  • Budgeting & cash flow support

We are dedicated to understanding how your specific Franchise group operates so we can seamlessly integrate our bookkeeping team in to your operations. We will:

  • Assess your current processes

  • Propose ongoing services and any revisions to existing processes to ensure best practice

  • Provide competitive pricing

  • Implement our team to ensure smooth transition from existing services

Your dedicated Bookkeeper will liaise with you and/or your nominated staff to ensure your Bookkeeping is kept up to current, and payments are prepared and processed to schedule. We expect to become an integral part of your team, and provide you with reliable services that you can depend on.

Book a confidential call with us today using the link below, to allow us to tailor a solution for you.

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