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Are you in a relationship and living together? Even if you’re not married or engaged, you may still need to include your partner in your tax return as a de facto. The ATO will then combine this information when calculating rebates, levies and payments. Same-sex couples have the same entitlements.

How To Maximise Investments and Savings

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Will I Pay Tax If I Sell My Family Home?

When you sell an asset you must pay capital gains tax (CGT). Does that mean t...
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Guide to Self Managed Super Fund

An SMSF is a legal structure, regulated by the ATO, set up with the sole purp...
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4 Types of Insurance for You and Your Family

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3 Home Loan Options to Finance Your Dream House

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Marriage and Taxes: Tax Implications for Couples in Australia

Wondering how marriage affect your tax? Read this guide to find out our tips ...
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Claiming Tax Deductions for Work Clothing

It’s important to clarify your employer’s dress code policy so you can co...
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