Do you need help with an Australian Taxation Office audit?

Are you requiring assistance with the Australian Taxation Office? We can provide audit assistance and tax help if you need it.

If you have any problems with your tax returns, don't go through the uncertainty and anguish of an ATO audit alone. We can guide you with helpful audit assistance. We'll help you with your tax problems even if we didn't prepare your tax return.

  • We offer a FREE consultation informing you of your options
  • We explain any Australian Taxation Office correspondence
  • We tell you how to prepare for an ATO audit
  • We provide a fee estimate prior to commencing any work.

We'll stand by you

When H&R Block prepares your return, we provide in-depth audit assistance at no extra charge:

  • An H&R Block representative will accompany you to answer questions concerning the preparation of your tax return, but not as your legal representative.
  • We will pay any penalty and interest imposed by the ATO due to our error, should that unlikely event occur. Any additional taxes assessed would be your responsibility.

Contact your nearest office by calling 13 23 25 or find an office near you.