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Online Tax

Want to lodge your tax return online without leaving your home? We have you covered! You can choose between doing it online yourself and having our experts review it before lodgement or have your return prepared by an experienced tax consultant through the convenience of our secure online portal.

How to Lodge Late or Previous Year Tax Returns

Behind in your taxes? H&R Block can help.
4 min read

10 Benefits of Lodging Your Taxes Online

Life gets busy and work or family commitments are often more engaging than co...
5 min read

Top Tips for Maximising Your Tax Refund

With 84% of taxpayers expecting a refund, and the average size of refunds las...
3 min read
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4 Ways to Get Your Tax Refund Fast

To avoid endless waiting and frustration, there are actions you can take to s...
4 min read

4 Last-minute Tips to Help You Prepare for Tax Time

With 31 October just around the corner, we've put together a list of last-min...
6 min read

How to Claim Car Related Tax Deductions

If you use your car for work purposes you are entitled to claim the expenses ...
5 min read

Tips on Managing Your Money During EOFY

It can be easy to get caught up in the hype at the end of the financial year ...
4 min read

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