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Tax Return

With over a billion dollars not claimed by Australians every year, H&R Block can help you claim what you deserve. Whether you’re a student, worker or business, our resources and articles below will help you find what you are missing out on and take the stress out of tax.

10 Benefits of Lodging Your Taxes Online

Life gets busy and work or family commitments are often more engaging than co...
5 min read

How to Lodge a Tax Return?

Want to know how to lodge your tax return? Look no further. Here's everything...
8 min read

4 Ways to Get Your Tax Refund Fast

To avoid endless waiting and frustration, there are actions you can take to s...
4 min read
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5 Jobs That Claim Most Tax Deductions in Australia

Are you claiming everything you’re entitled to? Health & social care, ...
10 min read

Tax Returns for Under 21s & Students

H&R Block can help you get everything in order to make lodging your tax r...
6 min read

How to Lodge Late or Previous Year Tax Returns

Behind in your taxes? H&R Block can help.
4 min read

New Study Tells Us What We Already Know: Doing Your Taxes is a Chore

Would you rather endure a number of highly tedious activities than work on yo...
3 min read

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