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Income Tax Course - Questions and Answers

Australia's leading income tax course
Income Tax Course - Questions and Answers

What's in the course?

The course is designed to teach you how to prepare tax returns under the supervision of a registered tax agent. We take you step by step through the tax preparation process using practical examples.

When can I register?

Registrations for the 2022 intake will be available online from November 10, 2021.

When does the course commence?

  • Instructor Led Course Options commence the week beginning Tuesday 15 February 2022.

  • Self Paced Learning Course access available from 16 February 2022.

What is the difference between the Instructor Led Courses and the Self-Paced Learning Course?

There’s no difference in the content however the one difference really depends on your reason for registering in our course.

If you have any interest in completing the course and are looking for a new skill, a change of career, looking to re-enter the workforce or even the opportunity to work with H&R Block, then the instructor led course options are definitely the way to go. Below are a few more benefits to registering for the Instructor Led Courses:

  • You don't need any previous experience in tax preparation to register into the Instructor led classes, just be good with numbers and enjoy working with people.
  • Each year H&R Block offers successful students from the instructor led classes to apply for work with H&R Block. Students registered in the Self-paced learning option will not have this option.
  • Also the instructor led options really help students consolidate their learning.

The self-paced option is really aimed to people already working in the industry who want to keep their knowledge current. Self-paced courses are also a good option for people just wanting to learn how to manage their own tax affairs and have no interest in becoming a tax consultant.

What does it cost?

The cost of the course starts from $399 for the Self-paced Learning Option which includes access to the online Learning Management System, electronic resources as required and a student copy of the tax preparation software.

For just $499, you can register to enroll into the Instructor Led Course options that include the same materials as the Self-paced course student BUT you also get to attend weekly workshops that are led by our experienced instructors.

How do I pay?

Payment can be made online with VISA, MASTERCARD & AMEX credit cards.

For students registering in any of the Instructor Led Courses – Part Payment options are available if you register before January 21, 2022.

Is this cost of the course tax deductible?

Yes. The full cost is claimable as a tax deduction on your 2022 tax return.

What is the duration of the Instructor Led Course options?

Students are required to attend 16 weekly workshops over a 17 week duration. NOTE: There will be no classes the week following module seven i.e. commencing Tuesday 12 April through to Monday 18 April to allow for an Easter break for all.

At what locations are the Instructor Led courses held?

In-class locations will be available on our website when registration open. Workshops will be held at various locations in both metro and regional areas of Australia

What days and times are the Instructor Led weekly workshops held?

Many locations will offer workshop options during business hours, evenings, and Saturday mornings. These will all be on website when registrations open.

I work during the day and can't get time off to attend the Instructor Led workshops

That's okay as many of our workshop locations offer evening and Saturday options. These are most popular workshops so you will need to register early to secure a spot.

If I register for the Instructor Led ONLINE Course, how will I connect to the weekly workshops?

Students registered in Instructor Led ONLINE Courses will be contacted and setup in a TEAMS group around one week before their first workshop is due to commence.

What happens if I register into an In-Class Instructor Led Course and the location is affected by restrictions due to the COVID pandemic?

While H&R Block is committed to providing venues that meets all COVID safety requirements, in the event that any in-class location becomes an identified COVID hotspot, students will be contacted and setup to join the session ONLINE until the restrictions are lifted.

Is there a difference in the course content between Instructor Led in-class and Instructor Led online workshops?

No, the learning content is exactly the same.

Is the course difficult?

The course is challenging. For students registered in the Instructor Led Course, attending the weekly workshops in an integral part of the course as too is keeping up to date with your reading and study. Students who follow the weekly program will find the course not only interesting but also very achievable.

How much time should I set aside for study each week?

For Instructor Led Course students, allow 10 to 12 hours of self-study at home each week and then you will be required to attend a weekly 2.5 hours workshop.

For Self-Paced Course students, allow 10 to 12 hours of self-study at home each week but you won’t be required to attend any workshops.

What happens if I miss one Instructor Led Workshop?

We recommend that you do not miss any classes, but in the event that you do, it will be your responsibility to complete the online tutorials and submit your homework within the required timeframes.

Can I register for one course and then transfer into another?

Yes, but only before the course commences. Once the course commences, no transfer will be available.

If I register in the Self Paced Learning Option will I have any support?

Yes, all SPL students will be eligible for limited support from our training team that directly relates to the course.

I am registered tax agent. Would I be considered for employment with H&R Block?

Yes, we employ registered tax agents, however, you would still be required to successfully complete the H&R Block Income Tax Course.

I am a CPA, do I need to complete the course to work for H&R Block?

All H&R Block tax consultants are required to successfully complete the income tax course.

Is this course accepted by the Tax Practitioners Board towards my required 30 hours professional development as a CPA?

Yes, the hours you commit to the training course will count towards this requirement.

Will hours completing this course be recognised as CPD hours?

Yes, the hours you commit to the training course will count towards this requirement. At the completion of each module you will be able to download your certificate for attending the workshops for your records. *Eligibility of CPD hours should be checked with your professional body.

Where can I find the terms and conditions?

You can view here: Terms and Conditions.

Will I be able to get a refund of the course fees if I change my mind?

Information on the refund policy is included in the Terms and Conditions. Please read these before registering for the course.

What if I commence the course but cannot continue? Could I request to deferment to next year?

As H&R Block cannot guarantee year on year that the course will continue to run, deferment options are not available.

What are the job opportunities if I register for the Instructor Led Course Options?

For top graduates of the course, job interviews are available for seasonal employment with H&R Block. We are looking for people who have reasonable availability to work during the tax season (July through to October) and of course, have good communication skills. This course is recognised throughout Australia by other tax agents and accountants.

What are the job opportunities if I register for the Self Course Options?

Students registered in the Self Paced Course will not be eligible to apply for a position with H&R Block. If you are unsure of your intention when registering, we do recommend the Instructor Led Course as your preferred option.

Is H&R Block a recognised training organisation?

The H&R Block tax training courses are industry recognised but not accredited.

As an H&R Block tax consultant, what are the pay and employment conditions?

First year Tax consultants are paid at casual rates loosely based on the Clerks Private Sector Award with superannuation and penalty rates for working out of business hours. In addition all of our associates may be eligible to a bonus at the end of tax season…. this will vary greatly depending on your speed, accuracy and availability.

If I am offered employment with H&R Block after the course, what professional development training do you provide?

At H&R Block, we invest in your career as a tax consultant. All tax consultants are required to complete our internal and exclusive professional development training program each year.

Do I need a computer/laptop?

Yes and most of the materials are available through our Learning Management System which is accessible on any operating system. It is important to note however, that the tax preparation software is Windows only compatible, so you will need a Windows computer/laptops/device.

Apple devices are not supported.

If I register for the Instructor Led In-class option, do I need to bring a laptop to class?

Yes. You will need to bring your laptop to class each week. Your laptop must have a Windows operating system.

If I register for the Instructor Led In-class option, is there Wi-Fi available on-site?

While H&R Block does not provide Guest Wi-Fi on location, students wanting to access their Online materials during the workshops will need to provide their own portable Wi- Fi or connect to their own personal hotspot.

If I register for the Instructor Led Online option, what will I need to connect with my class each week?

You will require access to reasonable speed internet, a computer with microphone, speakers and preferably with a webcam.

Why does the course require a laptop or device that has a Windows Operating System (or is Windows compatible)?

The tax software we provide to students as part of the course is not available to be downloaded onto Apple devices. However, access to all other online training can be accessed on any operating platform.

What are my options if I only own an Apple Mac computer?

You can still complete the course but it will be your responsibility to have your Apple device set up to run Windows based programs. We do not offer technical support to assist students with this setup.

What if I do not own a laptop or tablet?

H&R Block does not supply laptops or devices to students if they do not own a laptop. If you are not able to purchase one for yourself, consider borrowing one from a friend for the duration of the course.

What other equipment will I need?

Students will need access to a printer and also to the internet with reasonable speed and reliability.