10 Benefits of Lodging Your Taxes Online

By H&R Block 5 min read

There are a few different ways to lodge your tax. You can lodge in person, by mail or online. Lodging your tax return online is a great fit if you're pressed for time but still want to access professional advice and take advantage of the convenience of the internet.

4 key features of lodging tax online
Lodging your tax return online is practical and simple. It can be done:

  1. Using just a computer with the internet
  2. At the most convenient time for you, day or night
  3. With or without a registered tax professional
  4. Using the available pre-filled information from the ATO

Plus, you can view a detailed breakdown of your estimated refund or debt before you submit your final return.

10 helpful benefits of lodging tax returns online
If you still aren't convinced whether lodging your tax online is really worth it, consider these ten benefits you could make the most of:

  1. You will save time
    The time you would have to take setting an appointment with your local tax office, commuting, waiting on the phone and to be seen once you arrive can all be saved when lodging online.
  2. You will save money
    Your time is valuable and the time you save lodging online means you don't have to cut into your profitable work and family time. Plus, you will save money on commuting expenses.
  3. You will save paper
    Lodging online involves zero paper, ink, envelopes, stamps or pollution (associated with commuting). These small savings all contribute towards preserving our environment.
  4. Put in much less effort  
    Online tax returns involve no waiting, handwriting, reading small print, appointment booking or commuting. A computer or mobile phone with an internet connection is all you need to effortlessly click through each step.
  5. Avoid mindless repetition with your pre-filled information
    Don't fill out the same information from previous tax years or spend hours looking up your accounts and records. Most information from your employers, banks, government agencies, health funds and other third parties is pre-filled with the ATO by mid-July every year. Plus, a range of systems and controls are used to ensure your information is protected.
  6. You can correct a mistake more easily
    It can be tricky, or at least time-consuming, to correct a mistake on a paper return after posting it to the ATO. But, it's much more simple to correct an error on an online return. All tax returns lodged through H&R Block will be checked and reviewed by a Tax Consultant, before it is submitted to the ATO for lodgement.
  7. Get faster responses and assistance
    Using a service like H&R Block's Online Tax Adviser is the fastest way to get your tax refund prepared by a professional. There are no long waiting periods when you lodge online so you can expect a quick, yet personalised response to any questions.
  8. Access the same quality of advice
    Lodging online doesn't mean you have to miss out on tailored tax advice. You can get the same service you expect in person, but through the convenience of a secure online portal.
  9. Link your tax return with online accounts more easily
    Setting up a profile to lodge online is simple and is the fastest, most accurate way to link your tax return to your online accounts and records including:
    • Employment salary
    • Bank account
    • Health insurance policies
    • E-receipts

  10. Get your refund faster
    Lodging a paper return usually means that you can expect your refund within 50 business days of lodgement. To get your refund faster – generally within 2 weeks – simply lodge your tax return online. 

When the world shifted to doing business online it brought tremendous benefits to modern individuals and society. Completing tax online is no different. Jump on the internet today and see just how simple and worry-free your online tax return can be.



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