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5 Smart Post-Retirement Career Choices

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It's well-known that the Australian population is ageing. As of June last year, there are now more Australians aged 45 and over than there are under the age of 30.

But the fact that we're ageing doesn't mean we've lost our drive. Since we're living longer, it makes sense that we're working longer too. In fact, research from the world's #1 job site shows that Australians are remaining in the workforce for far longer than previous generations – hunting for new roles and careers well into their 50s and 60s. Labour force participation by people 55 and older has never been higher.

The most popular career searches undertaken by older Australians on Indeed are roles that are less physically demanding and have flexible hours. Doing rewarding work that is interesting and helps others is also important.

So what kind of jobs are most suitable for retirees? Based on insights from Indeed, here are 5 great second career ideas to consider:

1. Consultant

If you loved your old job, but don't want such intense work or long hours, consulting can be a good second option. You can use your previous experience, network, and expertise in a part-time setting on your own terms.

2. Part time carer

Finding work where you feel you're making a difference is very important to many people, especially retirees. While it can be tiring work, if you love helping others and want to give back to your community, becoming a part time carer is a highly rewarding job to choose.

3. Delivery driver

If you enjoy driving, being reliable and thinking strategically, then finding work as a delivery driver might be for you – it's a highly searched job by older workers on Indeed. If you're up to the physical demands of driving for extended periods, you'll be able to use your communication skills and meet new people while getting out and about.

4. Barista

Interestingly, barista roles – which are typically very popular among the millennial market appear in the top 15 of most searched terms on the site for people 55+ and 65+. Baristas are able to combine their love of cafe culture, coffee, and people with the excitement of working in a fast-paced customer service role, often with flexible hours in a fun environment.  

5. Taxation / Accounting

Working as a tax preparer is an excellent choice for more senior workers. The hours are highly flexible, the pay is great and the work is interesting. If you enjoy problem solving and puzzles, then working in tax will certainly satisfy your curiosity.

Age is just a number – and we love numbers

Beginning a new career can seem daunting – but getting started in taxation can be a simple, straightforward and enjoyable process. If you enjoy learning new things, but haven't been in a classroom for a while, the Income Tax Course is a great option to consider. Hosted over 16 consecutive weeks, the course is a great challenge, with dedicated support from expert instructors the whole way through.

For older jobseekers, Indeed has unique features to help you in your job search journey. It provides assistance in resume creation and makes job recommendations based on your search preferences, making it easy to find the right job for your unique preferences. You can feel confident that you're entering into the right industry and are properly equipped to remain successful in your role "” no matter your age.

Enrolment for H&R Block's Income Tax Course is now open. The course is available at multiple locations throughout the country at different times throughout the day. Find out more about H&R Block's Income Tax Course or call 1300 730 016 today.

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