Why Working in Tax is More Than You Think

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People are often surprised when they hear someone say they love working in tax – it's not an industry typically associated with passion or enthusiasm. But as enrolments for Australia's Leading Income Tax Course continue to fill up at rapid speeds, the perception around a career in tax is clearly shifting.

Working as a tax consultant is now increasingly recognised as a rewarding, flexible and diverse career with a range of exciting opportunities. We caught up with four H&R Block Income Tax Course graduates - Lizel Bekker, Tamara Bellingham, Diana Henderson, and Samantha Harris – to chat about their passions, career journeys, and (un)surprising love for working in tax.  

Q: What attracted you to the world of tax?

LB: I enjoy numbers and working with people!

TB: I love helping people, and I wanted to learn more about what I could claim at tax time – which is so much more than I realised.

DH: Having a financial background and immigrating to a new country triggered my curiosity to learn new tax laws.

SH: I am a bookkeeper for a family business, and wanted a better understanding of tax obligations for small business and individuals. I am very customer-focused and thought tax was a great way of joining all my interests.  

Q: Share with us your experience with H&R Block's Income Tax Course and the key skills you learnt in the course.

DH: Oh my goodness! What an experience! It was hard at times, but never a dull moment. The tutors support and assist you all the way. Key skills learnt were time management and thinking outside the box.

TB: I learnt so much more than I expected. Not only about how to do someone's tax, but I learnt valuable information to use personally – such as how much I can actually claim without receipts, which I had been doing wrong for years. Now I know for sure that if I were to get audited, I would pass with flying colours and still receive a good return.

SH: I found the course fast-paced and challenging. The trainer was very supportive and the material fascinating. I love a challenge and it was a great fit for me. I learnt a lot over the course – it really unravelled the mystery surrounding tax. I learnt how to prepare tax returns for individuals, rental investors, sole traders, personal services income and more.  

Q: What surprised you most about H&R Block's Income Tax Course?

TB: The support from my instructor, Deb. She made herself available for our questions which was fantastic. I struggled in some areas, but with the help of the class and Deb I got through with good marks at the end.

SH: Where other courses might gloss over information, this course was very in-depth and presented in a way that made it easier to understand.  

Q: Would you recommend the H&R Block's Income Tax Course to others?

LB: Yes, because it opens up doors for you!

TB: The job opportunity at the end has been amazing. There are offices all around Australia so if we move, I will always have the opportunity to continue working. The hours are also great for families.

DH: Definitely! The course is very interesting, and you can prepare your family's tax returns free of charge!

SH: Definitely, besides meeting my goal in helping a family business, the course has opened up a whole new world for me. I didn't go looking for a job, but I have found one, and something more. I absolutely love working with clients and helping them with all their tax needs. I aim to keep learning and working as a tax consultant.  

Q: Share with us your journey on getting a job with H&R Block?

TB: I have loved working with H&R Block this year – I continue to learn more each day. My co-workers encourage and support me. I love the challenges, clients and the world of tax.

DH: I completed the course successfully and attended the practical exams at Head Office. I feel so fortunate to work at my hometown's H&R Block – it's 5 minutes drive from home!

SH: During the course we were visited by a H&R Block manager encouraging those of us meeting the benchmark to complete an interest form to show where we might like to work and how often. We were then asked to submit resumes and complete an interview. It was a little nerve-racking but very exciting.  

Q: What are the biggest benefits of working as a tax consultant for H&R Block?

TB: The hours, co-workers, and experience.

DH: The hours allow me to work around my big family. With seven kids, life can be crazy – however I was able to give my available hours and my manager worked with me to achieve this. Being part of a Defence Force family, it was comforting knowing that I could work anywhere in Australia if we were to be posted to another state.
The money is also great – but working with new clients is the best part. I get great pleasure in helping them get the best results possible.

SH: The challenge! It keeps you on your ts as no two situations are the same. Developing relationships with your clients and peers in the workforce. Working for an employer who cares about clients and employees.  

Q: What's your work life balance like?

TB: Great – I work the hours that I can instead of depending on after-school care and friends. I love that I can be at everything I need to be for my family and also work when I can give my best! I don't have the worries of not being there for my children.

DH: The work hours are flexible and H&R Block accommodates and understands work/life balance.  

Q: What is the company culture like at H&R Block?

LB: H&R Block takes care of their people and are always there to help you and your clients.

TB: It's very friendly – people at H&R Block are happy to support each other no matter how long you have been in the office. All clients are reassured that H&R Block are available all year for tax advice without the added financial costs.

SH: Very friendly and professional. I work in one office but definitely feel part of the whole. The managers are approachable and helpful.  

Q: Would you recommend working as a tax consultant for H&R Block to others?

TB: Yes definitely – you meet fantastic people, the wages are great and you are supported 100% at all times.

DH: For sure! H&R Block is the best company to work for, and quality controls are in place to minimise possible mistakes a newbie can make!

SH: Yes - if you are interested in tax, details and love a challenge you will find a role where you feel like you are really helping people and making a real difference. If you want to work in an environment that supports and encourages you than you will find it working for H&R Block.  

Open a new door

Whether you're considering a career change, or simply want to learn a new skill, taking a course in tax will open up worlds of opportunity.

Enrolment for H&R Block's Income Tax Course is now open. The course is available at multiple locations throughout the country at different times throughout the day. Find out more about H&R Block's Income Tax Course or call 1300 730 016 today.

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