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5 Great Reasons to Work in Tax Industry

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Working as an accountant or a tax consultant is often deemed as boring. And while accountancy in the 1980s may not have been the most riveting of careers, the modern day tax industry offers plenty of exciting and innovative career opportunities. Because every financial situation is different, working in tax means using creativity and problem-solving to help individuals and small businesses navigate the world of tax. If you’re considering a career change, here’s five top reasons to work in tax:

Intellectually rewarding

The varied nature of working as a tax consultant or tax accountant makes for an intellectually rewarding career. Working with individuals and businesses, you’ll be responsible for analysing, reporting and providing advice on various taxation issues. Using numeracy, research and even legal skills, you’ll have the rewarding opportunity to put together advice and solutions to help your clients make sound financial decisions. If you enjoy complex problem-solving and using logic to overcome challenges, you’ll enjoy a career in tax.

Professionally and personally challenging

There’s a lot of moving parts to tax which means every day is a new challenge. With rules and regulations continually evolving, you’ll always be learning and adapting. From year-to-year, you’ll develop smarter ways to stay one step ahead and give your clients sensible, yet innovative financial advice. One thing’s for sure – choosing to work in tax will keep you interested.

Global opportunities

When people think about accountants, they often think of someone stuck behind a desk, going through financial records making calculations. You’d rarely imagine a fast-paced career with exciting global opportunities. As a universal skill, choosing to work in tax could see you working in some of the most exciting cities across the world. Whether it’s Sydney, London or Hong Kong, international secondments are becoming a popular perk of working in tax.

Career progression

Number crunching aside, working in tax is anything but a dead-end job. As you gain experience and learn new skills, you’ll find plenty of room for your career to grow. With ever-evolving laws and compliance, there’s plenty of opportunities to hone your skills and become the go-to person in an area of specialist knowledge. With dedication and hard work, there’s no shortage of opportunities to become an expert and gain a significant degree of career satisfaction.

It's diverse

With so many different types of taxes, industries and applications, working in tax can be a varied, challenging and rewarding career. From preparing, submitting and managing tax, to helping businesses keep on top of compliance and business activity statements (BAS), taxation is a diverse profession. Depending on the type of tax work you get into, you may also undertake audits, provide advice and help businesses identify areas where they can reduce tax, make claims and increase profit.

If you’re ready to take the first step towards a rewarding career as a tax consultant, the H&R Block Income Tax Course will give you the skills you need to prepare tax returns under the supervision of a Registered Tax Agent.

Once you’ve completed the course, you’ll be ready to prepare your tax returns and help your family and friends with theirs. If you’re interested in taking it a step further as a career, you’ll be pleased to know the opportunity to interview for a job with H&R Block is also on the table.

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