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7 Signs You Should Take the H&R Block Income Tax Course

By H&R Block 5 min read

Working as a tax consultant is a varied, flexible and rewarding career where you can use your curiosity and love of numbers to help solve complex problems. If you've had a niggling feeling it's time for a career change, but you're unsure what works for you, here are 7 signs that Australia’s leading Income Tax Course run by H&R Block is for you:

You have a thirst for financial knowledge

Generally speaking, your finances and taxes are intertwined. So, the more you understand about finances and where money is spent, the more you'll begin to understand where it can be saved and how taxes tie into that.

Starting with income basics, this course covers everything from assessable income to motor vehicle and travel deductions, as well as calculating depreciating assets and deductions. Everything you learn in the H&R Block Income Tax Course can be applied back to your situation. While the Income Tax Course isn't a dedicated financial planning class, it covers nearly every aspect of life. From marriage, home ownership and private health insurance to moving for a job, starting a small business or saving for retirement.

Your refund wasn't what you expected

If last year's tax return was less than you expected and left you wondering what happened, taking the Income Tax Course might help explain things. Tax, much like life, continually evolves, and each year, new thresholds and regulations come into effect. Taking the ITC course will keep you on top of any changes so you can make better financial decisions for yourself, your family and ultimately your clients. Knowing how to plan will help you achieve better outcomes, give more structured advice and better manage your money.

You're good with numbers

If you were reciting times tables before you could tie your shoe laces, then the ITC course is for you. Our ITC course is designed to teach you how to prepare tax returns under the supervision of a registered tax agent. Using practical examples, we walk you through the process of preparing a tax return and talk you through the numbers along the way. This is an opportunity to learn new practical skills from industry leaders.

You're not a maths guru

While taxes have a lot to do with numbers, you don't necessarily need to be a maths guru to take the Income Tax Course. Working as a tax consultant is primarily about using your practical and theoretical knowledge to help people (including yourself) make the most of their taxes. Using communication skills, you'll get to know your clients, understand their lives and aspirations, and help them translate that into numbers. Making the most of tax isn't solely about calculations, it's about understanding the taxpayer and how to structure their finances around their lives.

You're curious

If you enjoy puzzles and often find yourself wondering how things work, then the Income Tax Course may satisfy your curiosity. Led by experts, the Income Tax Course is a behind-the-scenes look at how tax returns work. Once you understand the ins and outs of tax, you can use your curiosity to help friends, family and clients maximise their taxes.

You like learning

If you like learning but you haven't stepped foot in a classroom for a while, the Income Tax Course is a great way to get back into studying without committing to a full-time degree. Hosted over 16 consecutive weeks, the Income Tax Course combines online pre-recorded tutorials followed by 2.5 hour weekly workshops.

You enjoy helping people

If you're always ready to answer questions and willing to help, the Income Tax Course may take your knowledge to a whole new level. With tax relevant to every stage of life, you'll be the go-to person when someone wants to start a business, have a baby, get married or start planning for their retirement.

The H&R Block Income Tax Course commences each year in February and registrations open in November. Find out more about H&R Block's Income Tax Course or call 1300 730 016 today.

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