We’re here to help you understand both your rights and obligations working as an employee in Australia. What are my redundancy rights? How will my tax be impacted by a second job? Should I salary sacrifice? Find out more below.

What Is Single Touch Payroll (STP) and How It Works

Find out more about Single Touch Payroll, how it benefits you and how to get ...
7 min read

Top Tax Tips For 5 Major Job Industries

Depending on what you do for a living, that can give rise to some unexpected ...
10 min read

Tax File Number Application Procedure

Learn more about Tax File Number (TFN), what is it used for, how and where to...
4 min read
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Why Working in Tax is More Than You Think

Flexible hours, rewarding work, great pay: Why working in tax is more than yo...
10 min read

Claiming Tax Deductions for Work Clothing

It’s important to clarify your employer’s dress code policy so you can co...
8 min read

5 Great Reasons to Work in Tax Industry

Working as an accountant or a tax consultant is often deemed as boring. A. Bu...
4 min read

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