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If you have substantial personal and/or business assets and have never considered setting up a trust for the benefit of your family, there is plenty to be gained by talking to your tax adviser or lawyer about the pros and cons. Find out more below:

Guide to Self Managed Super Fund

An SMSF is a legal structure, regulated by the ATO, set up with the sole purp...
4 min read

How to Create Business Plan for your Company

How do you craft a good business plan for your company? Learn what every entr...
7 min read

What Is Single Touch Payroll (STP) and How It Works

Find out more about Single Touch Payroll, how it benefits you and how to get ...
7 min read
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SMSF Structure: Individual vs Corporate Structure

When establishing an SMSF, you are able to elect a company or individual to a...
9 min read

Managing SMSF Compliance & Administration

Self Managed Super Funds (SMSFs) are very popular with Australians but manag...
4 min read

SMSF Trustee Reporting Requirements

Understand the reporting requirements and obligations trustees need to know w...
4 min read

A Guide To Buying Property Through An SMSF

If you're planning to buy property through SMSF, you need to make sure you kn...
6 min read

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